Friday, October 24, 2008

Price Your Property Right the First Time Around

I receive calls each day from people who need to sell their Smith Lake home or property. The real estate market on Smith Lake is very complex since no one property is like another. Homes on Smith Lake may have the same square footage, but might have completely different property characteristics such as water depth or slope to the lake. That being said, pricing a property on Smith Lake is a task that takes a lot of research. Most sellers do have an idea of what their property is worth, but usually they don't have access to the past sales data that I do. I usually suggest an appraisal before a home goes on the market to get a certified estimate of value. Although an appraisal is an opinion, banks do require them so it's a great idea to have one before a home goes on the market. A seller also needs to review the other homes or lots on the market that will be the competition. Most buyers are looking at 5-15 homes before making a buying decision.

Pricing your property right the first time will save you money in the long run. The Smith Lake property will be on the market a shorter amount of time which means the proceeds reach your pocket quicker!

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